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We love stories at YogaButtons! We use storybooks with yoga to engage kids in movement, characterization, and dramatic play.

As a primary-school teacher and the mother of a toddler, I regularly discover fabulous books for kids. Growing up with a mother who was an elementary school teacher-librarian, I have always been immersed in children's literature.

One of my fondest childhood memories is "mommy-and-me" days. My mom and I would start the day with poached eggs on sourdough toast soldiers. Then we would venture to the public library together for story time, followed by an afternoon of playtime at the public rec centre. We hope YogaButtons Studio creates similar memories for you and your family.

This is a mommy-and-me blog: the natural mingling of family, yoga and books. Each week my mom, Audrey (now a retired teacher-librarian), and I will share a Sunday night story. These are our favourite reads for kids. As children's books are filled with fanciful creatures and whimsical characters, we'll link each story to an animal or nature yoga pose referenced in the story for you and your family to try at home. We'll also highlight the "feel good message" of the story and offer some suggestions for story activities.

Come curl up with a story and yoga every Sunday night!

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