Carolyn Lundie on yoga for kids


Born and raised in one of the most art influenced cities on the planet, Berlin Germany, I was exposed to music early on and quickly developed my passion for singing.

I spend my late teens into my mid-thirties as a professional singer touring with numerous bands and musical theatres all over Europe and Asia. Over the last 7 years, I have made it my priority to also teach music and movement to kids.

Early exposure to music is essential to our development and what better time to really enjoy music without any interruptions then when you're young. With some imagination, some assistance of my side kick Flo, we keep the kids entertained and participating with joy and laughter throughout.

When I heard about Yoga Buttons, and their concept of Yoga and Music collaborating as one, I had to be involved. I am thrilled and honoured to contribute. Now, enough talking.... lets sing, stretch and dance!