Carly Jensen - Yoga Teacher


I consider myself a kid at heart and have a lot of fun and playful energy. Growing up I played many different sports such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball which has always kept me very active. I have a large age gap between me and my younger siblings so being around kids comes very natural to me.

My yoga journey started in high school when we had to try it out in PE class. I soon came to realize it would be a great compliment to all the high level sports I played. Continuing practicing at studios around Vancouver I moved to Australia for a couple years where I decided to do my yoga teacher training. Yoga is a way of life for me, everything from the community to what the practice is about.

In my class you can expect to laugh, be silly and have a good time. I like to move throughout the class and bring you to a quieter and calmer place near the end. Teaching children the importance of breath is one of my favourite things.