Kylie Miller - Yoga Teacher


Kylie was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. She loves that she has access to the beach, the forest and the city all in one! Vancouver never lacks in having something to do... like yoga!

Kylie is an emerging contemporary dance artist and yoga heavily influences her warm up and conditioning routine. 3 years ago, Kylie joined a local pre-professional dance program called Modus Operandi. The 4 year long program further educates her about contemporary dance, choreography, improvisation and many other movement techniques.

She also is a dance teacher in mainly jazz, ballet, and contemporary. Kylie is very well educated on correct alignment, posture and proper movement due to many years of rigorous dance training.

She loves working with kids because they are so curious and inspiring. Her class is all about enjoyment and curiosity and how to get a good workout in while having fun!