Lee Ann Steyns - Yoga Teacher

Lee Ann

I'm Lee Ann, nice to meet you!

I am a local Vancouver mom who first started using signs while teaching my 6 month old baby some basic American Sign Language, and I realized the incredible potential of being able to communicate with my young daughter before she could talk at all. A strong desire to share this tool with others saw the creation of Signing Babies, an easy to follow program involving beginner ASL signs while singing, rhyming, and playing together.

My classes always incorporate spirited fun and songs to help teach both adults and babies the signs. It's easy, and it works because babies already use their bodies to communicate by wiggling, smiling, shrugging, reaching, pointing and crying. Sharing signs with babies allows them a way to physically communicate their needs to you quickly.

I'm so excited to join the happy community for children & families that Carolyn has built at YogaButtons; I can't wait to join the fun and help you find out what your baby has to tell you!

Lee Ann Steyns
Creator & Instructor, Signing Babies Vancouver