Sintija Zigure - Yoga Teacher


There is an intrinsic relationship that exists between movement, breath, and mood. When we are children we are intimately acquainted with that relationship. We run, dance, swing, climb, jump, tumble and more, all the while with smiles painted across our faces. As adults we often lose touch with the benefits of that relationship.

I rediscovered the joy of movement when, at twenty years old, I left my home country of Latvia and moved to Vancouver to pursue a career in dance. Since then I have had the pleasure of working with many choreographers across multiple countries. I expanded my passion for movement to include yoga early on and found it physically and spiritually complementary to my chosen vocation.

When we move as children, it is simply pure joy, but as adults, a connection to our breath, to our movement, can be a source of profound confidence and strength. In kids yoga we are laying the groundwork for that connection. As I allow myself to relive my childhood glee through laughter and play, I hope to impart upon my students an experience that is as fun in the moment as it is as nourishing in the future.