Sonya Nisevich - Yoga Teacher


I grew up in San Jose, California and was very active and adventurous as child. I was 2 years old when I began dance and gymnastics classes and these two sports were a huge part of my life for the following 10+ years. It was right before high school when I realized that intense level competition was not for me, and that I wanted to assert my focus more on the recreational and "just for fun" side of things. I began teaching dance and gymnastics classes to kids between the ages of 2-13, which led to some other incredible opportunities working with children; such as traveling to France to teach English at a summer camp, working as a nanny in Germany, and now teaching kids yoga!

About 4 years ago, my dad and I began doing yoga as a means of staying fit and active. It wasn't until my first year at UBC that I realized how beneficial yoga was not only for the physical body, but for the mental body as well. In the years that followed yoga became a daily part of my life, yet I knew there was so much more to learn! So in April 2017, I traveled to India where I did my 200hr teacher training. This experience really deepened my practice, and encouraged me to combine my two passions: yoga and working with kids. This is what brought me to Yoga Buttons!

I truly believe that through yoga, at any age, one finds mindfulness, confidence, and the creativity to become your own teacher. Yoga Buttons is the perfect place for kids to come play, imagine, breathe, and be, and I am so grateful to be a part of that!