Why Kids Yoga

"Today you are You,
That is truer than true.
There is no one alive
Who is Youer than You."
~ Dr. Seuss

Every child is unique. Each child learns and grows in diverse ways. Some kids are loud, others are hushed; some are tall, others small; some like to move quickly, others slowly; some like numbers, others like to dance through a picture book... and there are kids who are some or none of these things at all.

Each child brings their own "You-ness" to our world. This individuality is what we celebrate and foster at YogaButtons Studio, Vancouver's first kids yoga studio! YogaButtons classes help kids connect with, understand and celebrate themselves through active movement and breath: yoga. YogaButtons classes develop kids' mental, physical and emotional wellness.

YogaButtons classes teach kids how to take time to slow down, breathe and feel joyful

Our world can place tremendous pressure, expectations and stress on little Buttons. Through playful yoga poses (asanas) and focused breathing techniques (pranyamas), kids gain poise and understanding of themselves. One of the greatest joys I've experienced in life as a school-teacher and a mother is to watch kids laugh, play and move freely. YogaButtons classes aim to facilitate this joy and give kids the tools to take these techniques from the mat to their daily lives.

Kids yoga encourages active bodies and playful imaginations


Our teachers combine traditional yoga poses (inspired by animals and nature) with stories, games, music, crafts, dance, song, puppets, poetry, acting and more.

Benefits of YogaButtons classes for kids:

  • Yoga classes are inclusive and non-competitive. Kids are encouraged to move at their own unique level and ability, whatever that may be. All children and adults are invited to participate. No prior yoga experience is required. Everyone can do yoga!
  • Yoga builds self-confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness. Kids are encouraged to be creative and uniquely themselves.
  • Yoga improves focus, concentration, breathing, listening and relaxation skills.
  • Yoga develops physical fitness, such as strength, coordination, balance and flexibility, which compliment other physical activities enjoyed by kids.
  • Yoga teaches valuable life tools that help kids be happy and deal with challenges with an open mind and heart.
  • Yoga is fun, engaging and playful!