Carolyn Lundie - Owner & Studio Operator


I’m Carolyn…

I believe in fort building, tree climbing, pillow fighting, monster cookies, and playing games outside with neighborhood pals until the street lights come on.

I delighted in learning and growing with my students as a primary education teacher for 16 years in the elementary school system. I treasure playing a part in children's learning and activating their minds in creative ways. We have so much to learn from our children.

I wanted to create a happy community space to bring children and families together through yoga. I created YogaButtons Studio for my son Jack and his buddies, and for all the adorable little buttons out there. A studio for kids; young and old, big and small; to discover how good it feels to move their bodies, breathe and ignite their imaginations. My dream is to share my love of children and yoga with my community.

The name YogaButtons comes from my father. As a little girl, my dad nicknamed me "Buttoni" – his way of saying: Little Button. The studio is for all the little and big Buttonis (adults too!) out there. Let's open our bodies, minds and hearts together through playful yoga.

Be prepared for fun and creativity at YogaButtons Studio. You never know what may magically appear in our classes... Poof! Behold: bubbles, ribbon dancing, parachute games, face painting, puppet play, drumming, crafts, games, storybooks, dancing, singing and more.

I am excited to meet you soon!

Carolyn Emma Lundie, BA, BEd (UBC)
YogaButtons Kids Yoga Ltd. Owner & Studio Operator
[email protected]