Preschool Age Yoga Classes


Our yoga classes, incorporating music, stories, yoga dance and mindful art enable preschool-age children to practice healthy habits from an early age! YogaButtons classes develop children's emotional, social and physical wellness

baby yoga classes

BabyButtons Yoga (1-2 years old with adult)

In this fun first yoga class, baby with adult (parent or caregiver) will explore playful and creative yoga movement. Together we will sing, dance and move to nursery rhymes, yoga movement songs, storybook adventures and yoga songs.

We will relax with music, feathers and bubbles, as well as get energized through yoga movement games like scarf dancing, glow ball parties, train game, musical instrument play, obstacle courses and parachute play. Adult and baby will try some partner yoga poses, like double-butterfly, down dog tunnel and happy baby! Tunnel time, shaker dancing and ball play keep babies learning about their bodies and movement in a fun and playful way. 

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LittleButtons Yoga (2 - 5 years old)

LittleButtons are introduced to traditional yoga poses, inspired by animals and nature. Stories and songs are used to promote imaginative play and drama through yoga movement. Kids learn to move and stretch their bodies safely while exploring age-appropriate developmental concepts such as stories, shapes, animals, patterns and colours.

LittleButtons gain a deeper understanding of their natural environment and themselves through yoga. Yoga poses and breathing exercises are introduced to kids during class to promote relaxation and develop fitness skills. LittleButtons go on storybook adventures and bring stories to life through visualization, role-play and drama.

LittleButtons flutter like butterflies, hop like frogs, curl like cats, stand rooted like trees, crawl like caterpillars and investigate the natural world through playful yoga.

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