Preschool Classes



It's never too early to start yoga! Kids yoga enables preschool children to practice healthy habits from an early age. YogaButtons classes develop children's mental, physical and emotional wellness.

BabyButtons (1 - 2 years old):

Once a baby is 1 they are welcome to start attending YogaButtons classes, accompanied by a parent or caregiver. BabyButtons classes provide new parents a community of support during one of life's greatest transitions. Come meet other new parents and stretch, strengthen and breathe while practicing with your baby.

These classes explore gentle movement in a fun and creative environment. Adults and babies both benefit from the connected time together as well as the physical benefits of breath work, stretching and movement. Babies and adults play and move together to songs, nursery rhymes and games.  Lots of bubbles, tunnel tummy time, parachute, feathers, ball play, scarf and shaker dancing!
Mondays from 9:30am-10:15am. Drop-in!

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Signing Babies classes (0 - 2 years old):

Sing & Sign drop-in classes (0-24 months):  learn how easy it is to communicate with your baby before they can talk! We’ll sing and sign and play together in these weekly classes.  All classes are drop-in.  Join us whenever works best for you and your baby or join us every week!
Drop-in Wednesdays from 11:45am-12:30pm. Rate: $16 plus GST or 10-class pass

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MusicButtons (1-5 years old):

Meike and Flo, Meike's furry sidekick, will allow your kids to build confidence & self expression through creative music instruction. Sing, dance, and play with shakers, triangles, rhythm sticks, scarves and balloons. Participants move to rhythm & music, clap, sing, dance, animal role play and have lots of fun! Drop-in any Wednesday and/or Friday from 9:30am-10:30am. Parents welcome to participate!

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LittleButtons Yoga (2 - 5 years old):

At 2 years old, kids are developing their independence and are ready to move on their own. Adults are welcome to stay with their children for these classes, or when they are ready to participate safely and fully on their own, leave their children with our skilled teachers and enjoy some time to themselves (go enjoy a coffee, have a walk, do some errands or take in your own yoga class).  Our teachers will let you know when your child is ready to participate on their own.

LittleButtons are introduced to traditional yoga poses, inspired by animals and nature. Stories and songs are used to promote imaginative play and drama through yoga movement. Kids learn to move and stretch their bodies safely while exploring age-appropriate developmental concepts such as stories, shapes, animals, patterns and colours.

The 3-5 year old YogaButton is ready to gain a deeper understanding of their natural environment and themselves through yoga. More advanced yoga poses and breathing exercises are introduced to 3-5 year olds duirng class to promote relaxation and develop fitness skills. LittleButtons go on storybook adventures and bring stories to life through visualization, role-play and drama.

LittleButtons flutter like butterflies, hop like frogs, curl like cats, stand rooted like trees, crawl like caterpillars and investigate the natural world through playful yoga.

*Note: Our Friday 10:45am class is a combo MusicButtons and LittleButtons Yoga class. First 30 mins Music with Meike, followed by 30 mins yoga with Carolyn.

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