Studio Etiquette & Policies

Studio Info & Policies:

  • Arrive 5 minutes before class to allow time to put your belongings away and get settled comfortably on your mat. We generally unlock doors 5 mins prior to class start time. As many classes operate as a drop-off, the instructor will unlock the door once they are ready to welcome the class and are able to provide active supervision of the children. 
  • Our front door will be locked once class has started for the security of the children. If you arrive late and the door is locked that means class has started.
  • Leave your shoes and socks in the cubbies below the benches at the front of the studio. We do yoga barefoot. All belongings (including water bottles) and coats should be left at the front of the studio on the benches (we lock the front door during class).
  • Parents/Guardians/Caregivers please assist young children to put away their belongings and get settled on the mat if needed before class. Adults must attend class with 1yr olds. For all classes, adults may leave their children (age 2+) with our skilled teachers (once they have demonstrated they can participate fully and safely on their own in class based on our teacher's assessment). Parents may participate in all 1hr classes for ages 2-5yrs. Please arrive promptly at the end of class to pick-up children if dropping-off 
  • We provide sanitized mats. Our staff will clean the studio mats after each class. Or bring your own.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.
  • If you arrive before another class has finished their session or more than 5 mins before your class is scheduled to start, please refrain from knocking on the door. Our doors are locked before, during and after yoga sessions for the safety of our young participants. Please wait outside until class is over. Once class is in session, doors will be locked. Adults, please do not disturb class by coming and going.
  • Let your teacher know before class if you are new to yoga, have a medical condition/allergy, an injury or are pregnant. Our teachers are skilled at modifying the postures based on your unique needs.
  • Make sure you are well hydrated. Bring a water filled bottle to class to leave at the front. We have a water fountain near the washrooms (filtered water).
  • Please kindly turn off cell phones and electronics in the studio. Group classes: parents/caregivers are permitted to take a quick photograph or short recording of your child only (before or after class is preferred). If photographing or recording during a group class, please ensure you record your child only and do not photograph or record any other children. Please monitor your own electronic usage and keep any recording/photographing to a minimum. Our teachers or studio operator may ask you at any time to discontinue all cell phone/electronic use if it is deemed excessive, disruptive, uncomfortable or distracting to the lesson. 
  • During class, move safely by respecting your body, yoga ability and other participants personal space. 
  • If a child participant is not participating safely or appropriately, is unable to follow directions safely or is crying or upset for a prolonged period and our instructor determines their participation is too disruptive or unsafe to continue class, parents will be asked (or called back to the studio) to support and/or pick-up the child (refunds will not be given).
  • Please follow the age range of classes when registering your child (register based on the age of your child on the date of the given class). Any exception to attend a class outside your child's current age range is based on teacher discretion and must be approved by our teachers and studio operator upon registration.