Health & Safety

YogaButtons Studio has implemented the following enhanced health & safety protocols and modified our class/program offerings to safely operate during the COVID-19 pandemic and follow the Provincial Health Authority requirements.

We have added PPE, information posters, sanitization stations and floor markers outside and around the studio to help us social distance and follow required health & safety measures.


  • Please wait outside studio doors with your child before class for drop-off and after class for pick-up following line distancing measures (posters and ground markers will guide you). Please arrive on time for class start/end time to allow safe transitions and time for studio/prop cleaning between classes. Studio will be locked before, during and after class for safety (parents please do not enter studio unless you are required to do so for payment or to support child in class). Instructors will bring the kids in individually.
  • Studio waiting room (front bench area) is closed to comply with social distancing requirements. Studio is open for participants only. We strongly encourage drop-off, provided that your child can fully/safely participate and socially distance on their own. 1 adult is permitted to participate in class with a child who requires support for LittleButtons (ages 3-5) or MusicButtons (ages 3-6) only. We will distance kids in class so please consider if attending class at this time is appropriate for your child. All other classes and programs (camps and YOGArt) are drop-off only classes.
  • The class instructor will unlock the door 5 mins before class start time to begin bringing kids into the studio individually. Please wait outside for the instructor to greet you individually. Kids will be brought into the studio 1 at a time. The instructor will sign your child in (for drop-in classes). 1 adult may enter with the child for payment only (then promptly leave to allow the next child to enter) or stay if they are participating in class. Kids will take off shoes/socks/coats etc to leave in front bench area, wash hands in washroom and sit on a mat.
  • Mats will be on the floor and distanced in studio with floor markings. Kids will be required to stay on their mats and remain distanced in class.
  • Please bring your own mat (can be placed over one of our distanced mats or the mat removed and your mat placed on floor marker). We will provide a sanitized mat if needed. All studio mats will be sanitized between classes. Mats are also available for purchase during sign-in in our retail section
  • Do not attend classes if ill or anyone in your household has COVID-19 or symptoms. Participants will not be permitted to participate if exhibiting any illness symptoms (cough, runny nose etc). If your child becomes ill during class, they will be separated from class and you will be called to pick up immediately (no refunds for partial classes missed due to illness).
  • Kids will wash hands with soap and water in washrooms upon entering studio & before departing (staff will assist). We also have hand sanitizer stations.
  • Please do not send your child with any personal items (toys, props etc) or food. Children are permitted to bring a filled water bottle and mat only. For camps only, kids are permitted to bring nut-free snacks and lunch.
  • Please arrive wearing comfortable clothing for yoga and movement activities so that changing clothing is not required in studio washrooms.
  • Please leave promptly after class to allow transition time between classes for cleaning/sanitizing of studio, mats and props and to prevent congregation outside studio. This allows the next class to wait outside safely for their class while social distancing.
  • All classes are drop-in, camps are pre-registered. See our online camp registration form here.
  • Max 10 yoga spots in studio to allow for social distancing (siblings/family members can be closer).
  • We strongly encourage use of a 10-class card for drop-in classes for a faster and contactless sign-in. Camps are pre-registered (no drop-ins). We allow payment in studio for individual classes or 10-class cards by cc or debit (no cash please). You can also purchase 10-class cards online. Our instructors will process payments (if necessary) and complete class sign-in individually. Instructors will be behind a protective plexiglass screen at front desk. Please stand on floor marker for registration and payment and leave promptly to allow next client to enter.
  • We have modified our class/program structure, activities and materials/prop use to follow health & safety guidelines. We have sanitization stations (labelled bins) for all materials/props to be put in after class. Materials/props will not be shared with kids during class. All materials/props will be sanitized prior to use with the next class.
  • The studio will be cleaned and sanitized regularly, with high-touch surfaces (front desk, doors, handles, bench) cleaned between classes.
  • Use of PPE (masks) is not required in studio but you are welcome to wear masks (personal choice). Instructors may be wearing masks for sign-in, transactions or class (personal choice).

Thank you for following our new health & safety protocols to help keep everyone safe and healthy. We are looking forward to seeing you on the mat soon!