Morgan Lee Snow - Yoga Teacher


The longer I am in this yoga journey, the more I find grace, freedom, light and creativity! The inspiration to play with kids and yoga came from many different places. Close to the time I decided to pursue yoga teacher training, I began working with young children with autism spectrum disorder. Working with these wonderful kids re-ignited the creative, fun-loving side of me and reminded me of the importance of of body and sensory awareness, especially when we are small!

As a smaller than average, clumsy girl who never found a sport to excel at, I didn't have a lot of confidence or connection with my body growing up. As an adult, yoga has helped me find grace, ease and strength in myself. When the opportunity to complete Kids Yoga Training through Rainbow Kids Yoga arose, it felt like a natural next step!

For me, yoga is an amazing way for individuals of all ages to have fun while learning to build confidence, de-stress, and relate better to themselves and others. Over time I hope to pair my passion for yoga with my drive to advocate for empowerment, self-growth, and expression by working with children and youth along all parts of the fun and challenge-filled road of growing up without losing sight of our inner child. No matter your age, come play - I think you'll find something amazing along the way!