Carolyn Lundie

Carolyn Lundie

I believe in fort building, tree climbing, pillow fighting, monster cookies, and playing games outside with neighborhood pals until the street lights come on.

I have delighted in learning and growing with my students as a primary education teacher for the past 10 years in the elementary public school system. I treasure playing a part in children’s learning and the activation of their minds in creative ways.

As the mother of a young toddler, I wanted to create a happy community space to bring children and families together through yoga.

mouse-blogSunday Night Story: "Something from Nothing" by Phoebe Gilman
YogaButton Pose: Mouse
Feel Good Message: Your story is within you. Let your imagination be the source of whatever you desire. All you need is you!


My mom and I have a lovely morning ritual at our family cabin in Whistler. In the Summer, we sit on the sun-drenched deck, take in the impressive view of Wedge mountain and wake-up with a coffee chat. The topic of discussion this morning: our first Sunday night story. Of all the fantastic books for children, what would be our first to share? We looked at each and both said with certainty: "Something from Nothing."

We love stories at YogaButtons! We use storybooks with yoga to engage kids in movement, characterization, and dramatic play.

As a primary-school teacher and the mother of a toddler, I regularly discover fabulous books for kids. Growing up with a mother who was an elementary school teacher-librarian, I have always been immersed in children's literature.