Tuesday, 06 November 2012 19:43

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Bendy Baby

yb-vanThe day we visited Yogabuttons Studio, it looked so welcoming – a class of sweet 2-year-olds sitting up fresh faced on rainbow mats – that passersby were literally stopping to marvel at it despite a downpour.

And this welcoming atmosphere plus the studio's message that everyone can do yoga is what convinced us to try our first-ever baby yoga class.

Located at 2525 West Broadway, Yogabuttons divides classes by age into Babybuttons (4 months-toddling), Littlebuttons (ages 2-3), WeeButtons (ages 3-5), Kiddobuttons (ages 5-8), and Tweenybuttons (ages 8-12), as well as offering adult, prenatal, and family classes. Kids are taught about yoga through imitating animals and nature, in a non-judgemental way that fits their age level.

We worried a little about attending this class knowing our rambunctious 14-month-old tester has a strict policy of being Totally Not Down with guided activities, let alone staying put on a mat. Not a problem for the crafty and extremely patient instructor, who kept the class moving with dancing, stretches with mama, and waving (or in our kiddo's case, banging) light-up wands. Bopping along to Raffi, cuddling teddies, or gently blowing cotton wool, it was easy to see how this class could become a real favorite, while teaching the basics of yoga at the same time.

You'll probably have the most fun if you take a slightly older kid to this class, and expect your child to need multiple classes to really get in the swing of things. Open every day of the week, Yogabuttons offers multiple membership options, including drop-in, a 10-class card, and an unlimited monthly pass.

As our tiny whirlwind finished rampaging around the studio, we were impressed to watch the class for 2-3-year-olds come in, choose mats, and begin quietly leafing through the studio's picture books while their parents chatted on the sidelines. One of the mothers confided that her calm little one – who was 20-months – loved the class so much that she asked every day if they could 'please go to yoga'. There was so much about this statement that was the stuff of pure fantasy for us toddler parents (tell us again how she said "please!") that we decided then and there we'd definitely be making room for a little more om in our toddler's life soon.

yoyomama.ca - November 6, 2012