Megan Friesen - Yoga Teacher


Megan believes in imagination, playfulness, and lighthearted fun to set a foundation of positive connections to the bodies we have!

One of Megan's favourite things is to witness children practice compassion towards themselves and others. She knows yoga is an amazing tool to help children find the balance between enthusiasm and stillness with themselves and people around them. Kids are so curious and excited to authentically move and it's inspiring to watch! Megan shares this authentic excitement to move with her students and loves expanding on this joy of movement every day.

As a child herself, Megan was exposed to dance from an early age and never said goodbye! She obtained a BFA in dance from Simon Fraser University where she discovered the endless benefits yoga offers. Along with performances, choreographic awards, and training internationally she continually practices yoga to keep her balanced and in tune with her body.

For the past five years Megan has been teaching dance to kids of all ages. She also taught for Project Limelight Society where she was part of creating a children's theatre production by helping students learn acting, singing, and dancing. Her experiences working with children in dance and theatre gives her a great foundation to teach yoga to kids! She is excited to share with her students her knowledge and experience of the human body's ability to move and express itself through breathe, movement, and creativity at YogaButtons!