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Yoga for Kids: Carolyn Lundie from YogaButtons has yoga poses that are great for all ages and abilities.

Kitsilano yoga classes stretch out for kids

Vancouver's latest yoga studio caters to children and families.


On a recent Tuesday evening, my son was a lion and I was a laughing hyena.

Together we took a family class at Yoga Buttons, the city's newest yoga studio and one of the few that caters to children and teens.

As a group, we worked to come up with a symbolic pose for the animal we each chose. There were horses, hippos, dragons and cobras. It was great to see the excitement build as sounds and facial expressions were added to the standard physical representation of each pose.

FREE Family Fun Day

September 17, 2013

Thank you to YogaButtons’ community of buddies, families, kidlets and friends for sharing in our incredible first year!

To celebrate our first birthday,
we are having a community yoga party.
All ages, all fun!

Sunday, September 29th